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Estevan Curiel was b. 1990, Phoenix, Arizona. Former educator for Phoenix Elementary School District No.1 for the last four years. Estevan’s work is based on multiple interests such as lowrider culture, street art, renaissance, architecture and comicbooks. Using simple elements of art and principles of design, he spontaneously creates his imagergery using traditional drawing tools as well as digital collaging. His new work studies layering and recycling paint to create abstract works of paper and canvas.



Arizona State University


Arizona State University


Phoenix College

Master in Architecture at Arizona State University

where he studied at the School of Architecture and Design, learning adobe software programs, CAD software, 3D rendering, architecture presentation layout and constructing models for multiple site projects for critiques. 

Bachelors in Fine Arts in Painting at the School of Art he also picked up watercolor with the curiosity of architecture as his subject studies and paintings. Also picking up sculpting with clay and wood to expand his craft in 3D mediums. In 2018, during a juried and online voting, he won 1st place for his painting, "The Laughing Cavalier" ASU's Got Talent Visual Arts Edition. 

In his early art studies, pursued a painting and sculpture background at Phoenix College where he was awarded and accepted into the Eric Fishcl Scholarship Program at Phoenix College. 


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